Helzberg’s New Diamond Brand Falls Victim to the Weinstein Scandal

The sexual harassment and abuse allegations surrounding indie movie titan Harvey Weinstein have apparently affected the brand cofounded by his wife, Georgina Chapman.

Last week, in an unfortunate, if clearly inadvertent, bit of timing, Helzberg Diamonds announced that it was partnering with the Marchesa brand to start a new engagement ring collection, the Marchesa Radiant Star Collection.

Chapman, who just announced her separation from the disgraced mogul following the revelations, is cofounder of Marchesa.

But while Helzberg was clearly enthusiastic about the collection last week, its excitement seems to have waned following the scandal. A lot.

JCK wrote the collection up in a story that included a link to the collection. Press that link now, and it redirects to the homepage.

Helzberg is still offering Radiant Stars, though without the word Marchesa attached.

JCK reached out to Helzberg and has not heard back. The Hollywood Reporter quoted a Helzberg rep as staying “the company is not launching the Marchesa brand at this time.”

Helzberg is obviously in a difficult situation here. The Reporter seemed to disapprove of its action severing ties, saying it “raises questions about what kind of message it’s sending to women with this development, considering that Marchesa is Chapman’s business—not Weinstein’s—and she was not the abuser.” However, some of the allegations against Weinstein are so sordid, and the fallout so massive, that it’s perhaps not surprising that the retailer wants nothing to do with the situation.

(Image courtesy of Helzberg)

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7 responses to “Helzberg’s New Diamond Brand Falls Victim to the Weinstein Scandal”

  1. With all the civil suits that will flow from Weinstein’s indiscretions not even he may have enough to compensate everyone.

  2. Nothing “tenuous” about the connection of Marchesa to Weinstein; Ms. Chapman’s startup fashion brand was an immediate and unprecedented “success” on the red carpet due to her boyfriend/husband’s coercion of his “stars” to wear them. Same thing would have happened with the jewelry line; Marchesa certainly was in on the scam and they deserve to suffer the consequences, the death of their company.

    Whether Helzberg had prior knowledge of these tactics is arguable, though they definitely knew they were hitching their “Star” to a company with questionable connections…either way they definitely did the right thing to abandon this bride at the altar asap.

    Good breakdown of this crooked and criminal enterprise today on NPR…they hit on the jewelry line at the end of this 4-minute podcast, but don’t mention Helzberg by name, lucky for them:


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