Helzberg CEO Backs Zale in Brilliance Lawsuit

Helzberg Diamonds CEO Beryl Raff has unexpectedly rallied to Zale Corp.’s side as it defends itself against a lawsuit from rival Signet over its “diamond brilliance” claims.

“I don’t think Signet has a leg to stand on,” Raff, who once headed Zale, reportedly told The Wall Street Journal. “There is no standard to brilliance. There is a standard to cut.”

In November, Signet launched a lawsuit against Zale over the latter’s advertising for its Celebration Fire diamond, charging that Zale’s claim that the Celebration Fire is “the most brilliant in the world” is misleading.

Raff’s comments come as the two sides continue their legal wrangling. Zale hopes to call as experts Imagem founder Dr. Lalit Aggarwal and Dr. José Sasián, who helped formulate the American Gem Society’s cut grade. On the other side, GemEx Systems president and CEO Randall Wagner has filed a report in support of Sterling.

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