He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Customer

There’s a well-known saying: “Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.” In other words, it demands sustained—and sustainable—effort. The same can be said about the customer journey.

Did you know that an existing customer is 70 percent more likely to purchase than a new customer?* That’s one big reason to invest in the customer journey.

When creating your customer journey, here are a few golden rules.

According to Ernst & Young research, brand loyalty measures at less than 25 percent when a customer is determining whether to make a purchase. Being a brand name is no longer enough. The key to the customer’s heart is delivering the right information to enhance his or her experience and create confidence at every point along the journey. The journey lasts for years and perhaps even a lifetime. Rule No. 1: The customer journey is a long haul.

The long haul may seem overwhelming, but there’s an upside: tons of different opportunities to reach customers. And you can build the journey any which way. Online, offline, or both? Emailer, social media ad, or in-store giveaway? The choices are endless, and the journey can be adapted fast to meet changing needs. Rule No. 2: Make every moment of the journey count.

How? By leveraging all the channels available in our connected world. Ten years ago, this meant having a website. Today, with social networks, mobile apps, and data analytics available 24/7, there’s much more that businesses can do online to spark a dialogue with customers, improve the in-store experience, and optimize post-sales activity. Rule No. 3: Digital can take you to places you never dreamed of.

The road is long, but the rewards are within reach. With this inspiration in mind, the marathon can be won. Tzafrir Engelhard, VP business development, Sarine Technologies


*Statistic courtesy of MarTech Advisor

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