Happy Hour: This Friday’s Round of Cocktail Rings

If you subscribe to the Marketplace Trend Report, you know that the last issue was all about cocktail rings (if you don’t subscribe, you can do that here). I talked a little bit about how the cocktail ring is thought to have originated during the Prohibition era, when the most fashionable of women would don their eye-catching bling to show off while sipping their illegal libations. Since we’re well on our way to the weekend, I thought I’d serve up another round of happy hour. I went through more of my favorite jewelry Q+As to bring you the answer to this question: If we were to live through another Prohibition, what would we be drinking, and more important, what jewels would be on our fingers? Cheers to a great weekend, to fall, and to the start of a new month! 


Ming & Ingrid

Ming Ingrid Mod rings

“For Ming, it is a Bloody Mary (it is bad and good for you); for Ingrid, it is a margarita (it is tropical and fun).” –Ming and Ingrid Louie, designers, Ming & Ingrid


Natalie Frigo

Natalie Frigo rectangle ring A specialty drink made with coconut milk, pineapple juice, dark rum, and freshly grated nutmeg on top. It is complete heaven!” –Natalie Frigo, designer, Natalie Frigo


Jane Bohan

Jane Bohan fern ring “A tall, cold glass of Sancerre, or a gin and tonic with extra lime.” –Jane Bohan, designer, Jane Bohan


Laurie Kaiser

Laurie Kaiser labradorite ring

“I will never turn down a glass of good prosecco. Are you buying, Brittany? I’ll get the next round.” – Laurie Kaiser, designer, Laurie Kaiser


Rahaminov black kifani flower ring

“A Kir Royale: champagne mixed with crème de cassis!” –Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner, designer, Rahaminov


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