Happy Hour Special: BELPEARL’s One-of-a-Kind Cocktail Ring

BELPEARL baroque pearl Azur ring

Those in the mood for something delightful this Friday need look no further: BELPEARL‘s Azur ring is just the thing. Imagine a trip to the tropics, surrounded by lush foliage, sticky-sweet air, maybe mountains or even volcanic formations in the distance. You’re chilling out on a plush chaise longue and beckon for a cooling beverage—it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and on vacation, isn’t it always? That tantalizing concoction, in jewelry form, is this ring. Layers of brown and white diamonds mix it up like coconut and cream—delicious and addicting—while a healthy heap of foamy baroque South Sea pearl is dolloped atop the design. Not going on a later summer vacation anytime soon? Sorry to tease with that imagery—let’s focus on the ring. The Azur, as it’s called, is a one-of-a-kind piece, and no wonder: Tthe massive size of the pearl, 21 mm by 31 mm, would be pretty hard to replicate. So if tropical drinks aren’t your cup of tea (glass of alcohol?), you can at least revel in the magnificence of this particular piece. At $35,000, it’s no impulse buy, and you’re going to have one very impressed, very enviable customer.

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