Halloween Cocktails and Spider Rings, These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Supreme Jewelry black diamond spider ring

It seems that since I’ve gotten older, Halloween lasts much longer than a single day. It used to entail waiting impatiently for that one special night when we got to dress up (almost always throwing a winter jacket over our homemade costumes in chilly New York), and parade the neighborhood for candy. Over the past oh, nine or 10 years, I’ve insisted on making Halloween a monthlong celebration. Maybe part of it is holding onto childhood. I know it’s definitely due to an obsession with the holiday: everything just a wee bit eerie, scary good fun. This time of year, I fall completely for everything even slightly tinged with Halloween spirit—and that’s why I can’t keep my eyes off of this Supreme Jewelry creation. I’ll admit, I dread spiders. I once left my apartment because I was home alone and there was a spider on the wall. I fled to our local Target and stayed there for three hours until my husband could come home and hunt for it—true story. And yet, something about the black diamond-encrusted, playful design of the spider atop this 18k white gold ring draws me in. It’s fierce, somehow symbolizing a sort of don’t-mess-with-me strength that we as women want to exude. In the spider’s grasp: a single round yellow sapphire, its dash of color drawing the eye to the creature’s creepy-crawly legs. The ring’s web of diamonds spans the finger, making a sparkling statement. Because of its ferocity, its symbol of strength, and its elegance, I think this ring would be a hit for any time of year, not just Halloween. Who says you have to be Morticia Addams to rock an eight-legged jewel every now and again?

And this is for your Halloween celebrations: An arachnid-themed cocktail from Cupcakes & Cashmere. Click through for the recipe.

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