Gurhan Flagship Store to Open in January in New York City

Longtime and popular Turkish jeweler, Gurhan Orhan, of Gurhan, is on the verge of opening his first retail boutique. Located at 160 Franklin Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, the 1,500-square-foot space aims to serve as both a personal workshop and as a collaborative space for those who want to be involved directly with the creation of a custom piece. The store will open to the public in early January.

“The opening of this atelier will allow me to meet the woman, listen to her dreams and desires, and create a piece of jewelry uniquely suited for her lifestyle,” the artist told the media upon release of the news.

Nearly all of Gurhan’s entire jewelry collection of sterling and 24k gold pieces, as well as some one-of-a-kinds, will be available for purchase in the shop. The design of the interior itself nods to the artist’s world travels and collection of art and antiques, some of which are on display. Jewelry vitrines crafted in wood and glass were handmade by the master himself. Ancient Argentinian wine cellar wooden doors separate the front of the atelier from the workshop and private consultation area in the back, and a contemporary eight-foot-long bar enables guests to relax with a cocktail as they learn about the craftsmanship of Gurhan pieces and work closely with the designer to bring a unique piece to life.

Interior of Gurhan Orhan's newly debuted store in New York City.

Interior of Gurhan Orhan’s newly debuted jewelry boutique in New York City