Gumuchian’s Mini B Line Makes Saving the Bees (and Looking Good) More Attainable

Gumuchian Mini B collection necklace

Mini B collection pendant in 18k yellow gold with 0.08 ct. diamond, $1,000

Since my favorite piece from Gumuchian’s much-beloved B collection retails at $15,000, I was pretty sure there was no way I’d ever be able to afford a treasure of my own. Imagine my thrill when I learned that the fantastic brand has developed a new line, affectionately dubbed Mini B, that even I can spring for. The attainable collection is handcrafted in New York, and continues the message that yes, we do really, really need to care about saving the bees.

Gumuchian Mini B collection bracelet

Mini B bracelet in 18k pink gold with 0.08 ct. diamond, $800

You’ll find stud earrings in honeycomb-inspired shapes, rings, a by-the-yard-style diamond bracelet and necklace, and that adorable little bee charm we love from the original collection. And of course, partial proceeds from sales go to the nonprofit, an LA-based conservation organization whose mission is to protect the honeybees through education.


Gumuchian Mini B collection diamond chain ring

Mini B chain ring in 18k white gold with 0.08 ct. diamond, $600


Gumuchian Mini B diamond stud earrings

Mini B collection stud earrings in 18k pink gold with 0.16 ct. t.w. diamonds, $900

Gumuchian Mini B by-the-yard necklace

Mini B by-the-yard-style necklace in 18k yellow gold with 0.85 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,000

And if one look at these designs isn’t enough to convince your customers to snag a piece or two, how about this: According to Gumuchian, one in every three bites of food consumed in the United States is either directly or indirectly pollinated by bees. When saving the bees looks this chic, how can you not?


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