Gum-Band Bracelets: Soft Bangles in Karat Gold Stretch to Fit

During JCK Las Vegas 2010, Leslie’s introduced soft, expandable 14k gold bracelets to fit every wrist, and budget. Starting at $204 apiece
retail, the stretchable bracelets are made in Italy from gold wire, and serve
as an alternative to slip-on hard bangles—sometimes tough to fit over big wrists
and stay in place on small ones—according to the company. 

Launched in rose, white, yellow, green, and brown gold, a
blackened style is new for this year. Meant to be stacked—“you need at least
three for a good look,” says a spokesperson—they may shift in order during the
course of wear, but they won’t slide off. One caveat: even though they feel as
springy as a hair band, don’t use them for that purpose. “Some of the repairs
we’ve gotten are from people who put them in their hair,” adds the staffer.


Spring bracelets in 14k gold retail for $204 apiece. Leslie’s


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