Green Is Gorgeous: Jewels for August and Beyond

Last week we talked about going green, and now I just want to talk green. Not money, not jealousy, not the grass, not eco anything. Just the color green.

Obviously green is representative of a whole lot, either by use of slang or imagery. The simple word has come to represent more than just a line of the rainbow.

It really is one of the best colors—right up there with blue. Nine times out of 10, if you ask someone what their favorite color is, and they don’t say blue, it’s green (this is obviously data backed by science).

When I worked in retail, blue was probably the easiest sell. It truly does go with everything, makes a killer accent (or center) stone on an engagement ring and possesses a soothing quality in any shade, even its brightest varieties. Green can relate.

Mia Katrin for Jewel Couture Aria emerald pendant
Aria pendant in platinum with 0.6 ct. emerald and 0.1 ct. diamond, $2,390; Mia Katrin for Jewel Couture
Martha Seely chrome diopside ring
Shooting Stars collection split shank ring in 14k yellow gold with 0.5 ct. chrome diopside and 0.134 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,695; Martha Seely
Artistry Ltd. peridot Dolce earrings
Dolce earrings in 14k white gold with peridot and 0.03 ct. t.w. diamonds, $510; Artistry, Ltd.
Stuller emerald and diamond ring
Ring in 14k yellow gold with emeralds and diamonds, $2,088; Stuller
VTse earrings
Earrings in 18k yellow gold with cabochon chrysoprase and diamonds, $19,000; VTse

Yes, there are shades of green that can be a little more unsettling than blue. You never hear of blue equated with phlegm, and you never say, “You look positively blue” when someone appears ill. But take these images for a spin: freshly mowed grass. Tropical breezes under a palm tree. The rind of a sweet, juicy watermelon. A soothing cup of matcha or the taste of mint. Emeralds. Tsavorite. Jade. Peridot.

M Spalten Starburst malachite pendant
Starburst pendant in 18k yellow gold with malachite and diamonds, $6,140; M. Spalten
Omi Prive peridot ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold with 11.81 ct. oval peridot, 0.89 ct. t.w. pink sapphires, and 0.37 ct. t.w. diamonds, $22,200; Omi Privé
Erica Courtney Interstellar green tourmaline earrings
Interstellar earrings in 18k yellow gold with 6.32 cts. t.w. mint tourmaline and 1.04 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Erica Courtney
Todd Reed green tourmaline ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold with 6.29 ct. tourmaline, 7.56 cts. t.w. rough diamonds, and 0.82 ct. marquise diamond, price on request; Todd Reed
Alina Abegg chrysoprase Saturn earrings
Saturn stud earrings in 18k white gold with chrysoprase and diamonds, €1,830 ($2,036); Alina Abegg

Green covers some of the best gemstones we’ve got. As August’s birthstone, peridot might expect to be hit with the spotlight in the coming weeks. A display of those in your store, accompanied by a sprinkling of other green gemstone jewelry, would be marvelous. There’s power in that gradient look, when a single color is showcased in an array of shades. It offers a compelling look at any featured color, causing a second glance from even the most opposed onlookers (I can say this with confidence, as an online display had this same effect on me with the color orange just the other day).

Le Vian Couture emerald ring
Couture ring in 18k Vanilla Gold with 6.3 cts. t.w. Costa Smeralda Emeralds, 1.625 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, and 0.2 ct. t.w. Chocolate Diamonds, price on request; Le Vian
Eriness emerald party hoops
Party hoops in 14k yellow gold with 6.64 cts. t.w. emeralds, $4,575; Eriness
Tresor Simple Round emerald pendant
Simple Round pendant in 18k yellow gold with 3.11 ct. emerald, $350; Trésor
Andreoli peridot earrings
Earrings in 18k white gold with 39.45 cts. t.w. peridot and 2.92 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Andreoli
Jewelyrie green amethyst Holly ring
Holly ring in 14k yellow gold with green amethyst and diamonds, $990; Jewelyrie by Huan Wang
Alishan chrysoprase earrings
Earrings in 18k yellow gold with 45.51 cts. t.w. chrysoprase and 0.14 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,125; Alishan















So go ahead, mix it up. You may not have realized it yet, but summer is quickly passing by, and August may be the last month you so liberally play with bright, juicy colors before transitioning to the deeper, more muted (but still wonderful!) tones of autumn and winter. Enjoy it now!

Top: Earrings in 18k yellow gold with green tourmaline, price on request; Lauren K

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