Great Instagram: Pamela Love

Family, friends, and far-flung travel dot the designer’s diary-like feed

There’s little doubt that jewelry designer Pamela Love has her finger on the pulse of how stylish, urban women want to accessorize. Her collections remix global and historical hallmarks to create cool, modern looks that inspire that age-old “gimme” reflex in her fans and clientele.

And the designer’s Instagram page is equally alluring. Peppered with far-flung travel pics (birthday in Bangkok!), casual family shots, and—of course—gorgeous jewelry, the feed is a curated window into Love’s fun, high-flying life. 

Here are a few smart ways she mixes thing up:

She Lets You In


Making fish faces with her niece, signing books at a boutique in Paris, shopping for shoes, Love lets her followers into her real life. It’s not over-sharing in the style of, say, Kim Kardashian, but the photos create a fuller portrait of the designer, beyond the jewelry she makes. And it’s an endearing, aspirational one.


The Brand’s Vibe Is Specific—and Reinforced


A kind of rainy-day moodiness is central to Love’s aesthetics, and posts on her Instagram reinforce that vibe. Whether it’s an image from an upcoming ad campaign or an impromptu backstage fashion shot, jewelry is always shown through Love’s specific scrim of low-key high style. 


She Shares Press, and Media Reciprocates


When there’s a story on Love or her brand in the media, she posts or reposts the announcement of the story (always with a great photo) on Instagram. The feed is engaged with so many tastemakers—photographers, style journalists. Conversations with image-makers are always happening.


It Emphasizes Artisanship


The feed is terrific about announcing and showing new products from the brand. It also occasionally shows the artisans who translate Love’s designs into real life—an enchanting and often neglected part of fine jewelry storytelling.


It’s Pretty and Witty


Love’s feed is often lighthearted and sometimes very witty. See the above photo of a candle burning at both ends, accompanied by the simple caption: “Fashion Week has begun.” Brilliant on a couple of levels.

(All photos courtesy of Pamela Love)

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