Gordmans Goes Chapter Eleven, Will Liquidate

Low-end department store chain Gordmans, which specializes in apparel and accessories, including jewelry, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The 102-year-old company operates 106 stores in 62 markets and 22 states.

The Omaha, Neb.–based company said it’s entered into an agreement with Tiger Capital Group and Great American Group to liquidate its assets.

“Until further notice, all Gordmans stores are operating as usual without interruption,” said Andy Hall, president and CEO of Gordmans, in a statement.

(Photo courtesy of Gordmans)

JCK News Director

  • Chaper 11 in Roman numeral is XI. You has made a mistake! There is no II bankrupcy!

    • Janice B

      Those are not roman numerals but numbers. Chapter 11 is correct and appropriate.

  • I read as chapter 2 on the title and it is incorrect! That why I tried to give my input because there are chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy, not chapter 2!!!

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    I’m missing the recent comments section of the website. It was great for following the issues that people liked to discuss. Can it be put back?

    • Rob Bates

      If you look at the “On jckonline” section, under the comments, that should have most of them. But there are plans for a recent comments feature too.

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      The “Also on JCK” section widget, below the comments, should have most of them. But a “recent comments” section is planned. I liked it too,

  • Shiv C

    Wow more stores closing, so more job losses and weaker economy.