Good Connections: 5 Tips for Producing Online Content With Oomph

It’s easy to pay someone to build you a website. It’s not so easy to populate said website with content that engages your clients and ultimately inspires them to share what you’ve posted. That’s why we asked Liz Dennery Sanders, founder and creative director of SheBrand, a brand-building company based in Beverly Hills, Calif., that focuses on female entrepreneurs, to weigh in on how independent brands can up their game when it comes to crafting compelling content online. 

Liz Dennery Sanders (courtesy of SheBrand)

  1. Take a step outside of your industry for content inspiration. Everyone in fashion reads fashion content. Get creative and start looking into other areas—like architecture, travel, food and tech. You never know where you’ll find some synergy or discover a new perspective.
  2. Create an editorial calendar for your blog. Come up with the titles for your blog posts three to six months in advance, and then plug them into your weekly calendar. Then you just have to show up and have fun!
  3. Get to intimately know your customer. Put yourself in her shoes and identify her pain and pleasure points. Get to know her better than you know yourself.
  4. Stop broadcasting and start engaging. Too many brands are just pumping out information about themselves instead of igniting conversations with their communities. This is the only way today to build a loyal following.
  5. Steal like an artist. In other words, it’s okay to get inspired by what others create and put your own spin on it.
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