The Gold Rush From Leigh Maxwell

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Of course, gold is always a must in the jewelry world.

The conversation on gold feels elevated right now, because there are just so many good options crafted with it. So lovely, in fact, that they make you forget that rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum even exist (well, at least temporarily).

Leigh Maxwell Solstice earrings
Solstice collection earrings in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, $3,000

That can be said of the creations by Leigh Maxwell. The brand’s all-gold styles—the ones top and above are from the Solstice collection—are just the thing for those on the lookout for something warm to accessorize with.

Leigh Maxwell is an ace at working with yellow gold, as evidenced by its gemstone creations, too: The metal is used in such a beautiful way that it demands just as much attention as the gems. It’s not every day that you find jewelry that displays this coexistence so well: Usually the metal serves to accent the gemstones or vice versa (you can see its gemstone pieces here).

Leigh Maxwell model shot

Jennifer Maxwell is the lead designer behind the brand, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Working with goldsmith Brigitta Luttrell, the pair create limited-production pieces, each a handmade realization of that warm 18k gold, and many (though not all) feature gorgeous gemstones like padparadscha, fire opal, and tourmaline.

Leigh Maxwell lookbook shot

Maxwell makes it a family affair: Her three daughters are models for the brand’s designs. Their beauty serves the jewelry well, and promotional shots are styled in brilliantly inspirational ways, lending even more reason to want to make a Leigh Maxwell piece (multiple pieces, actually) a part of anyone’s permanent collection.

Top: Solstice collection in 18k yellow gold, prices starting at $830

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