Gold May Stay Over $1300

But analysts don’t see the price rising forever.

With gold prices settling at over $1,300 two days in a row,
investors are saying that price level may be here to stay. 

“The longer gold can hold that level that stronger this new
range becomes,” wrote

The site quoted an analyst as saying “investor sentiment
remains very positive towards gold.”

 The gold price hit $1317 this morning, a new record, though
it soon slid to $1307.

Analysts said that “marco-economic uncertainty” is driving
the current upward push. And yet most forecasters don’t see the price of gold rising

Industry analysts, meeting at a professional conference in
Germany, declared
that the gold price will mostly hold steady over the next year.

 And another analyst told the
  “Historically gold
has not always been the safe haven it is portrayed to be today and there is
every possibility that the price will fall, especially if we start to see real
signs of a global economic recovery.”

JCK News Director