Gold and Diamonds Complement the Jewelers’ Choice Award Winner

Earlier this week, we shot the cover of JCK‘s March issue, but it’s not just another pretty cover with a model and a product theme. For the March issue, JCK highlights the winning piece from the annual JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards, so that means that jewelry surrounding the winner—just like backup singers in a band—must enhance but not overpower the star of the show. Of course, we can’t tell you who won (not yet at least), but we can share some insights about the supporting pieces we selected.

We pulled largely dainty yellow gold and diamond styles to complement the winner, which featured a stunning focal point stone with a range of color in it. Some of the supporting jewels we pulled had blues, pinks, and greens in them, but for the most part, delicate diamonds served as the best enhancement for this year’s winner. Some of you might remember last year’s winning piece—a pink gold ring with morganite and diamonds from Yael Designs—that we complemented with more soft pink gold and diamonds set in designs with negative space so as not to compete with the delicate, feminine scroll motifs of the winner.

Think you know what we shot this year? You’ll find out if you were right when you receive the March issue of JCK.

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