Give Me a Bead: Chamilia

Without a doubt, one of the most popular jewelry items on the market today is the bead bracelet. It’s customizable; it makes a perfect, personal gift; and the varieties are nothing short of endless. There are a number of standout brands, each adding its own touch to the bead market, and one of them is Chamilia. A fast-growing company, Chamilia specializes in fun, innovative bead designs crafted with sterling silver, Swarovski Elements, and Murano glass with collections like Garden Party, SoHo, and Disney (score!), among others. It’s no shocker the popularity this jewelry trend has amassed—it’s perfect for wearers young and old (the Miss Chamilia collection is made just for kids), offers an opportunity to commemorate special occasions and holidays, and enables fans to treat themselves to the occasional just-because pick-me-up. Below, check out five examples of what Chamilia has to offer, and visit JCK Marketplace for more from the bead-crazy brand.

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Chamilia black and white bracelet

Chamilia gold bead bracelet

Chamilia blue disney bracelet

Chamilia purple crystal bracelet

Chamilia purple cabaret bracelet


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