Gitanjali USA Introduces New Luxury Brand

The Jewelry Marketing Company, a division of Gitanjali USA, announced May 24 it will introduce a new corporate brand: the Aston Luxury Group.

The introduction of Aston will create a new level of attraction for the consumer through innovations in marketing, e-commerce, philanthropy, and unique distribution of its products.

The rebranding effort will be led by Aston’s newly appointed creative director, Jamison Ernest. Ernest is best known for his ownership of Brooklyn Beat Records and the Yellow Fever fashion label. He is the founder of Yellow Fever Creative, an artistic studio with an international focus on art, music, fashion, film, and new media in high-end and casual luxury materials.

“The Aston Luxury Group will be the umbrella company for all of our current and future brand distribution in the USA. The corporate name change more accurately reflects our mission and focus on fine brands within an ever-changing business environment,” Jon Mitchell, president of the Aston Luxury Group, said in a statement.

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