Gitanjali Group’s ATM: One-Way Ticket Out of the Doghouse?

It appears that there is a new way for people to buy themselves out of the doghouse with their significant others.

The Gitanjali Group recently launched a vending machine that dispenses baubles and bling as opposed to Snickers and M&M’s.

The ATM has 36 jewelry options, with price points that go all the way up to $600, and one can pay using credit, debit, or cash. Sounds like a great idea for those seeking last minute gifts, right?

Not according to @Lussori, who tweeted that the jewelry in the ATM “must be boring,” and considered the idea a “fail.” @KittyCallye, a writer and jewelry professional, followed that up with “epic fail.”

However, not everyone thought it was a bad idea.

“Self-service at grocery and discount stores has proven quite popular. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be equally successful on pop items,” said Jon Parker in the comment section of the story. Commentor CBoyer thought it was “interesting,” but asked the all-important question: “What is the return policy?”

I did some digging online and found out that its not the first time someone has been innovative with an ATM. The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, has a gold-dispensing ATM. My favorite part of this video occurs at the 20-second mark when the presenter says, “We have so much gold here in the palace, we had to take some and put it in a machine.” We should all have such luxuries.

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