GIA to end tiered diamond pricing

The Gemological Institute of America announced a new diamond pricing structure for all GIA Laboratory clients that will go into effect Jan. 1, 2006.

GIA will discontinue a tiered diamond pricing system in favor of the new, single-level pricing formula. The majority of customers will see an overall reduction in fees, GIA said in a statement. In addition, the laboratory is implementing a new, universal flat-fee of $1 per stone for handling fees, replacing previously higher charges for both domestic and international materials handling. 

“We have done our utmost to devise a structure that is fair to all our customers,” said Tom Moses, senior vice president of the GIA Laboratory and Research said. “But we recognize that the new pricing schedule will result in a modest increase for some customers.” 

Moses said anyone can submit gemstones to the GIA Laboratory, and the new fee structure will apply to customers across the board.

Moses has sent a letter to GIA Laboratory clients explaining the new pricing policy. The new Diamond Services Fee Schedule, along with instructions for submitting stones directly to the GIA Laboratory from anywhere in the world, is available on the GIA Web site at and will be distributed throughout the year at trade shows and other events.

Customers who have questions can call a GIA Laboratory customer service at 800-421-7250 ext. 7590 (U.S. and Canada.) From outside North America call: 760-603-4000. ext. 7590 for the West Coast laboratory or 212-221-5858 ext. 3724 for the New York laboratory.