GIA Responds to Fake Reports

GIA had the following response to this last item:


GIA is aware that there have been two valid GIA reports which have been altered and matched to similarly cut stones. Regretfully, such occurs from time to time. GIA reports, however, include a number of important security features and safeguards, some apparent and others more subtle. We are working behind the scenes to obtain more information.


The two reports were apparently used to offer diamonds for sale in an attempt to deceive would-be buyers. In some instances, a careful scrutiny of the document will show that it has been altered. These particular counterfeited reports, for example, include misspellings of the words “internally” and “fluorescence.” …


When purchasing from an unknown source, we recommend that people check on the authenticity of a GIA Diamond Grading Report, and the validity of their report’s information.


GIA Report Check is a free online service that lets clients check the information contained in a GIA Diamond Grading Report and GIA Diamond Dossier. Enter the diamond’s report number and carat weight, and Report Check returns all the grading information, including a cut grade when available, that was issued for that diamond. Report Check currently serves only those diamonds graded from Jan. 1, 2000 to the present. To access Report Check, go to

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