GIA Museum receives gifts from AGTA GemFair participants

The Gemological Institute of America Museum recently received several museum pieces from various gem and jewelry enthusiasts at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson.

The GIA Museum unveiled its collection of jewelry from Brazil’s top designers and manufacturers during the 2006 AGTA GemFair in Tucson this past February, titled the “Soul of Brazil.” The exhibit which will also be displayed in the AGTA Pavilion at the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas in June.

Recent donors who have contributed to the growth of the museum include noted gemstone cutters Ed Romack and Dallas R. Hales, jewelry designer Brian Cook, and rare-gem dealers Dudley Blauwet and Chris and Karen Johnston.

Romack and Hales donated the “Cyclops,” an 8,783.5 ct. round natural quartz with a brilliant cut pavilion and step cut crown.

Cook donated two GemScene pendants, which exemplifies his proprietary technique in which a gemstone is internally set into quartz to create a natural scene. These pendants have been added to the Museum’s Signature Collection.

Blauwet contributed to the Gem and Mineral Collection with an unusual pink/orange/purple fancy sapphire from the Kurur area of Tamil Nadu, India.

The Johnston donation, which will also be added to the museum’s Gem and Mineral Collection, consisted of a color suite of eight 6 mm demantoids from Tubussis, Namibia.

An in-kind donation is a charitable gift of anything tangible, such as a product or service. GIA accepts in-kind gifts of gems, jewelry, and related items that are of educational and historic value to the Institute, the gem and jewelry industry, and the general public.

Other donors who made contributions at the Tucson show include: Gordon Austin; Rui Galopim de Carvalho; Dimitri Mantheakis; Mark Mauthner; Martin Steinbach; Andy Sucki; and Bob Von Wagoner.

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