GIA LabDirect Operation Opens in Tokyo

The Gemological Institute of America Gem Laboratory in Tokyo began operations as a GIA LabDirect consolidator Monday.

GIA announced the creation of LabDirect in August as a way to widen access to its laboratory services by setting up an international network of local take-in windows and consolidators to serve more local areas.

Each consolidator will act as a diamond industry forwarding service by consolidating diamonds from local regions and shipping them to the GIA Laboratory. These local drop-off and pick-up shipment points help the maximum number of clients move their goods to the GIA Laboratory to get the services they want.

A consolidator also prepares the stones for shipping to GIA with an agreed-upon protocol, communicates grading results to the end clients, and is responsible for collecting payment.

The AGT Gem Laboratory is located in the Okachimachi CY Building, 2F, 5-15-14 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005, Japan. Its website address is