GIA Helps Boy and Girl Scouts Earn Merit Badges

The Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, Calif., is collaborating with local Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops that help the scouts obtain merit badges through GIA’s Junior Gemologist Program—Merit Badge Series.

Since gemology is interrelated with geology, the GIA was identified as a resource by the scouts to augment the Geology Merit Badge requirements as outlined in the Boy Scout’s handbook. In order to earn the Geology Merit Badge, the Boy Scouts must research geology and mineralogy, learn how to identify rocks and minerals, use topographic and geologic maps, and other activities related to the study of the earth.

The Girl Scout Jewelry Merit Badge requirements include designing and executing wearable jewelry using various techniques and learning about personal adornment from different cultures. GIA’s Merit Badge Series encompasses these core requirements as well as discusses educational and career opportunities in the gem and jewelry industry.

Both programs include short multi-media presentations, hands-on experiences, tours of GIA’s Museum exhibits, and a special gift. 

Caption: Boy Scout Thomas Roberts views GIA Museum exhibit.

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