GIA Brochure Explains the Four Cs

The Gemological Institute of America is offering a new brochure to assist retail jewelers in explaining the Four Cs of diamond quality to their customers.

While underscoring the beauty and rarity of diamonds, the two-sided, four-panel brochure features easy-to-understand descriptions, illustrations, and GIA Color and Clarity scales, as well as the new GIA Cut scale for round brilliant diamonds. In addition, it contains several photos of diamonds in the normal color range to help jewelers explain the difference in diamond color grades.

For a limited time, retailers can receive a free package of 100 brochures (one free order per shipping address). Additional brochures may be purchased in quantities of 100 for $12.50 plus shipping, handling, and applicable sales tax. Payment by credit card is required to process all orders.

To order the new Four Cs of Diamond Quality brochure, e-mail Retailers must include their name, company name, and mailing address. Partial orders are not available at this time. To view a sample of the new brochure or to download an order form, visit