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How to Drive Online Customers In Store? Boss Logics Has Some Ideas


In 2021, as the pandemic raged on, the organizers of the JCK Las Vegas show (parent company to JCK magazine and turned to the software provider Boss Logics to help create Jewelers Source by JCK, an online jewelry marketplace where qualified buyers could find new products and brands, and conduct virtual meetings with designers, suppliers, and service providers.

Now, Boss Logics is helping retailers transform online browsers into in-store shoppers.

“We’re looking at how retailers are approaching their online presence,” Zach Lipsky, the company’s founder and president, tells JCK. “What we’re finding is that when retailers get into e-commerce, they focus on becoming an e-comm player. But in luxury those aspirations end up being misconstrued. What they end up doing is driving traffic to their stores.”

Zach Lipsky
Zach Lipsky

Michael Schechter, an industry veteran who recently joined Boss Logics as director of business development, puts it more bluntly: “A lot of retailers have spent 25 years trying to figure out their e-commerce and they’re finding there’s not enough there there,” he says. “I’m not saying an independent cannot succeed online—just that most are not.

Michael Schechter
Michael Schechter

“A lot of focus is on ‘add to cart’ rather than making an appointment and finding a seamless way to move that customer from the website to the store,” Schechter adds. “And figuring that out is 100 percent the core of our newest product: how to take a customer’s web traffic and drive that customer in store to continue the experience and the journey.”

Enter Boss Logics Connect. Introduced in July, the software, which costs $100 per store per month, is designed to help retailers leverage their customers’ digital experiences by allowing them to make appointments and inquiries by responding to one of two calls to action on a home or product page: Request more information or See in store.

Boss Logics Connect screenshot
A screenshot of the Boss Logics Connect software as seen from a customer’s perspective. Note the See in store button beneath the purchase link, and the Request more information link below that.

The back end of the software is where things get interesting for the retailer, who can see the last 12 links the customer clicked on in their journey to making an appointment.

Boss Logics journey
The back end of Boss Logics Connect allows store owners to see the digital journey their clients took prior to making an appointment, visible on the right side of the screen.

“It helps the retailer see at a very granular level where that customer came from,” Schechter says. “It’s telling a holistic story about what the customer is doing and their journey.

“And it gives you a ton of insight,” he adds. “When you watch the customer going through cases in your store, you seeing what’s really capturing their interest. Online retailers get a broad sense of this from their analytics but it’s not truly specific to their customer.”

With Boss Logics Connect, a retailer is able to provide additional information once a customer has clicked that button and filled out a brief form. Schechter advises retailers to keep the form simple and straightforward.

Boss Logics Connect screenshot
The Request more information link on Boss Logics Connect brings up a short form for the customer to fill out.

“The more info you request of the customer, the less likely they are to do this,” he says. “Keep it as simple as possible: name, email, and, if the retailer has multiple locations, their preferred store.”

The See in store button allows customers to choose a store location and make an appointment—much like Calendly, the free online appointment-scheduling software.

Boss Logics Connect appointment scheduling
The See in store button prompts the customer to schedule an appointment.

“Just like Calendly, where retailers can set specific hours, it helps you finalize an appointment, all the while keeping it really simple: name, email, phone number, and message,” Schechter says.

Boss Logics has started rolling out the Connect software to retailers of David Yurman, whose David Yurman Digital Experience they created.

“The adoption rate we’re seeing with our high-end jewelers has been phenomenal,” says Lipsky. “We introduced it a month ago and we’re seeing a ton of interest.”

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By: Victoria Gomelsky

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