Get Your Sparkle Fix With These 35 Blog Posts About Diamonds

Norman Silverman round diamond tennis braceletIt’s hard to believe this month is more than halfway over already, but here we have it. The start of April was so exciting, not only because it’s a true indication of spring, but also because it’s the month of the diamond. There was a lot of talk on Twitter about how lucky those April babies are to have the precious gem as their birthstone, but really, diamonds are for everyone. On Your Market celebrated its one-year anniversary in February, and looking back, we’ve expressed a whole lot of love for diamonds. From the latest in bridal and jewelry trends to showcase-worthy suppliers and my serious obsession with sparkle, check out this round-up of diamond posts from On Your Market.

1. Shine Bright Like an April Baby With These 25 Diamond Jewels.
April babies rejoice! The month of the diamond kicked off with these 25 finds.

Britt’s Pick

So many Britt’s Picks, so many diamonds. Seriously, if I didn’t already know I loved sparkle, this would prove it. I chose diamonds a lot.

Margery Hirschey bezel-set diamond ring

Margery Hirschey bezel-set diamond ring

2. Britt’s Pick: Margery Hirschey’s Diamond Ring
Margery Hirschey
’s earthy-glam diamond ring is handmade and fabulous.

3. Britt’s Pick: Lazare Kaplan’s Stella
Lazare Kaplan
’s Stella diamond ring had us yelling for bridal.

4. Britt’s Pick: Leibish & Co.’s Black Diamond Solitaire
The black diamond solitaire from Leibish & Co. remains one of my favorite looks, like, ever.

5. Britt’s Pick: Suncrest Diamonds’ Tangerine Pear
Suncrest Diamonds
’ loose tangerine stone was perfect for summer last year—and still is.

6. Britt’s Pick: Christian Bauer’s Exceptional Eternity Band
I’m still in awe of Christian Bauer’s modern wedding band.

7. Britt’s Pick: Vanna K’s Delightful Engagement Ring
It’s okay to take a break and stare for a bit.

8. Britt’s Pick: The Duet Bracelet From Jade Trau
Forevermark Diamonds provide the sparkle for these delicate bracelets from Jade Trau.

9. Britt’s Pick: MK Diamonds & Jewelry Radiant Pink Ring
April’s birthstone looks darn good in pink. Exhibit A: this engagement ring from MK Diamonds.


Best in Bridal

For the most part, there is no bridal without diamonds. It’s the most popular jewelry category, both on JCK Marketplace and in the industry. We lust after celebrity sparkle and are eager to learn about new trends for our shoppers.

Rahaminov Diamonds emerald cut ring

Rahaminov Diamonds emerald-cut ring

10. What’s New: Bridal Jewelry Trends
After my first trip to JCK Las Vegas, I noticed these new trends in bridal. Do they still stand?

11. Being Angelina Jolie: Celeb-Worthy Engagement Rings From JCK Marketplace
Angie got engaged and we finally saw her custom ring. These five dazzlers give it a run for its money.

12. Three Diamond Bridal Looks That Stand the Test of Time
One of my first blog posts ever: three steadfast trends in bridal.

13. Five Engagement Rings Fit for a Princess
These five princess-cut diamond engagement rings are still fairy-tale approved.


Up Close and Personal

So many amazing suppliers are on JCK Marketplace and I might just be one of the luckiest people to get to know them. Below are some of the best brands to dazzle us with diamonds.

Leibish & Co. Four Seasons diamond pendant

Leibish & Co. Four Seasons diamond pendant

14. Up Close and Personal With Leibish & Co.
We got a closer look at diamond company Leibish & Co. thanks to my friend Benji Margolese, marketing and content manager.

15. Up Close and Personal With Master Jeweler Kirk Kara
It was impossible not to fall in love with the entire family at Kirk Kara once we got to know them.

16. I’ll Have a Slice: Khushboo
You could never have just one of Khushboo’s diamond slice designs.

17. Better Than Sweets: Le Vian Chocolatier
It was November, the beginning of the all-you-can-eat season. Thankfully, Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds come calorie-fee.

18. Red Carpet Ready: Norman Silverman Diamonds
We were so ready for our close-up with this spotlight on Norman Silverman Diamonds.

19. These 7 Engagement Rings From Natalie K Embody Modern Romance
A handful of my favorites from the classically gorgeous bridal supplier.

20.Engage Your Ring Shoppers With These 8 Bridal Looks From Jeff Cooper Designs
Eight isn’t enough—I love every single one of Jeff Cooper‘s creations.


Now Trending: Diamonds

The steadfast stone always will have our heart, but how long will we lust after the backlace? Black and white? What will be the next most popular diamond cut? Here are the diamond trends that if you ask us, we’re still in serious like with.

Sasha Primak black and white diamond earrings

Sasha Primak black and white diamond earrings

21. Cue the April Showers: JCK Marketplace’s Drop-Shaped Jewels
No umbrella necessary.

22. It’s All Black and White: Contrasting Diamond Jewelry
This post on 20 contrasting diamond jewels translates to one of this season’s biggest fashion trends: black and white.

23. Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence’s Academy Awards Backlace
Jennifer Lawrence sported the diamond backlace on the 2013 Academy Awards red carpet, a look we had to get, stat.

24.Diamonds Are a Guy’s Best Friend?
Five worthy diamond pieces for men to sport some subtle sparkle.


Must Love Diamonds

Need proof that you’re obsessed with diamonds? Probably not—we know you are (and we’re so with you). But just in case, here are some of the best readers’ picks, most popular diamond jewels, and more.

Jane Basch monogram pendant

Jane Basch diamond monogram pendant

25. Friday 5: The Week’s Most-Viewed Diamond Products
These were the most popular diamond finds on JCK Marketplace for the week of June 25, 2012.

26. Your Pick: Daniel Gordon’s Diamond Hoops
Everyone’s favorite retail jeweler was loving these Gumuchian diamond hoop earrings. Who wouldn’t?

27. Your Pick: Robyn’s Morning Star Diamond
The Daily Jewel’s Robyn Hawk was drawn to Yael Designs’ Morning Star diamond ring.

28. Jewel of the Month: Supreme Jewelry’s Diamond Engagement Ring
This engagement ring from Supreme Jewelry was the most popular Marketplace piece for the month of March 2013.

29. Jewel of the Month: Whitehouse Brothers’ Diamond Eternity Set
Whitehouse Brothers
’ eternity bridal set took the cake for most popular jewel in February 2013.

30. Jewel of the Month: Kirk Kara’s Angelique Collection Bridal Set
Kirk Kara
kicked off 2012 with our most popular jewel for the month of January.

31. A Guide to the Top JCK Marketplace Jewels of 2012: Diamonds
Wondering what was hot in 2012? These were the most popular diamond products of the year.

32. Pinterest Board of the Week: Washington Diamonds’ Diamond
Who could get enough of Pinterest? Washington Diamonds’ sparkly diamond board kept us busy for quite some time.


Fun With Sparkle

Our favorite gemstone is found in the most unexpected of places. Desserts, modern pop songs, outrageous Valentine’s gifts.

33. Friday 5: Totally Random Songs About (or Mentioning) Diamonds
Jam to these five modern choices for songs that mention diamonds.

34. Five Generous Valentine’s Day Gifts (Diamonds Included!)
Lovers looking for something special for Valentine’s Day could go overboard with these five very generous gift options.

35. Five Outrageously Expensive Bejeweled Desserts
Something sparkly for your sweet tooth.

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