Get Your Glam On at 2012’s Fashion’s Night Out Sept. 6

The global initiative dubbed Fashion’s Night Out is festive; it’s full of treats, special buying opportunities, giveaways, and raffles; and it takes place worldwide on Thursday, Sept. 6. Created to “celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, and boost the industry’s economy,” according to the website, the phenomenon turns 4 this year, and by many standards, is a success: Last year’s phenomenon featured more than 4,500 events in the United States as well as a multitude of others in 18 other countries. Events take place in stores and online, and shoppers can receive gifts with purchase, the chance to meet celebrities, makeup, and hair touch-ups, and free champagne and cupcakes at jewelry stores.

Readers, what are you doing on FNO? Do you have any events scheduled to take place in your store, or, do you plan to attend any elsewhere? And, have your previous initiatives, if any, driven traffic and sales? Please weigh in by way of the comment function.