Get to Know Noam Carver of Noam Carver Jewelry

Canadian jewelry designer Noam Carver of Noam Carver Jewelry, who has a great selection of men’s jewelry, favors sharp angles and architectural twists.

Noam Carver of Noam Carver Jewelry

Noam Carver of Noam Carver Jewelry

Headquarters: Montreal

Year firm launched: 2010

Signature style: “I have a signature style per collection; I don’t want to be restricted to just one look. For example, my current collection is for men and it’s called Apex, and is inspired by geometric forms that are drawn mainly from nature and architecture. The Apex texture is the highlight in this collection but each piece is meticulously crafted in a modern and masculine way.

“My women’s collections are often influenced by rare one-of-a-kind stones, but my Casbah collection for women references Moroccan architecture, silhouettes, and arabesque motifs.”

Training, education, and design process: “I have been designing jewelry—from apprenticeship to model making, and then for a high-end private clientele—for the past 13 years. I received a B.A. in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture, at Concordia University in Montreal, as well as apprenticing for two years under a master jeweler, then refining my skills making models for others in the industry. I learned Rhino 3-D CAD design, working in New York City and in Israel for high-end jewelry firms, until I launched my own line in 2010.

“I design and create every master that is in my collection, from there handing it off to be produced by my factory of master craftsmen. I begin by crudely sketching a design on paper, and from there I hit the bench and mock up a wax model. Once I am happy with the look and feel of the piece I go to CAD and re-engineer the design in 3-D. This allows me to create a piece in multiple interlocking components with perfect precision. Everything is custom-designed and made from scratch. Most pieces are 3-D printed, molded, and casted, and then everything is hand-assembled and finished. I used to produce everything locally in Montreal but I now have a state-of-the-art factory in Thailand where I produce my collections.”

Materials of choice: “My current Apex collection for men is primarily in silver, but I also work in palladium, gold, and platinum. For gemstones, I am currently using onyx, lapis, and hand-carved quartz. I have, however, been collecting rare stones for the past 10 years and have amassed a nice assortment that I am saving for my next women’s collection. Some of my favorite stones are rutilated and tourminalated quartz, lodolite quartz, tourmalines, and various geodes. With men I believe you have to remain slightly conservative and classic in nature, which is why I choose to use onyx and lapis. For my more daring pieces I am using hand-carved quartz.”

Starting retail price:My Apex men’s collection in silver retails from $350 to around $1,200 per piece, and Casbah for women in 18k gold features one-of-a-kinds that start at $1,800.”

Retailer buy-in: “My buy-in is a minimum purchase of $4,500, which gets a retailer a selection of 25 pieces.”

Accounts: “I have about 20 accounts in the U.S., including Carats in McAllen, Texas, and London Jewelers in Manhasset, N.Y. I have 30 accounts in Canada, including Siba Jewellers in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.”

Jewelry trade show exhibits: “LUXURY at JCK at the CrownRing booth, sold as Noam Carver for CrownRing, which is my parent company.”

Awards and accolades:

First place in the Coloured Gemstones and Platinum categories of the Canadian Jeweller Excellence in Design Awards, 2009 and 2011, respectively

Emerging Designer Award at the 2010 Centurion Jewelry Show

First and second place winner in the Palladium Distinction category of the 2009 MJSA Vision Awards

Finalist in the Platinum, Colored Stone, and Silver categories of National Jeweler’s 2009 Best Of Awards

Second place for Men’s Jewelry at the 2009 Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo Passion Awards