Get to Know Jewelry Designers Jonathan and Lauren Tesauro of Brother Wolf

Religious jewelry gets an overhaul with the help of this sibling duo from Pittsburgh

Few may be bigger fans of the story of St. Francis and the wolf than twins Jonathan and Lauren Tesauro. The tale of how Francis tamed a ferocious wolf that was terrorizing the people of an Italian town inspired the name of their six-year-old Brother Wolf line of religious-inspired jewelry. The pair bought the firm in 2014 from a founder who wishes to remain anonymous, ready to sow their own jewelry seeds thanks to an industry education courtesy of their parents, owners of Chapel Hills Jewelry in Pittsburgh. Designers—including Lauren—bring home relics from afar, studying their history and relaying their meaning to Brother Wolf buyers, who purchase 14k gold or sterling silver replicas. Each is assigned a specific virtue based on the history and origin of the original piece, and nearly everything is handmade in the U.S.


Lauren and Jonathan Tesauro

Starting retail price: $120 in silver, $600 in 14k gold

Accounts: 30 in the U.S., including Aucoin Hart in Metairie, La.

Trade fairs: JCK Las Vegas

Retailer buy-in: $6,000

Contact: Jonathan and Lauren Tesauro of Brother Wolf, Pittsburgh; 412-337-9617;


St. Michael Shield necklace in sterling silver with 14k gold is made from pieces found in Normandy, France, and represents the virtue of justice, $920.


Handmade St. Hubert/St.Roch cufflinks in sterling silver with 14k gold are made from pieces found in France and represent the virtue of loyalty, $1,200.


Handmade All Seeing Eye money clip in sterling silver with 14k gold is made from pieces found in Belgium and represents the virtue of generosity, $1,300.

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