Get to Know Brazilian Jeweler FR Hueb

This editor hearts Brazilian jeweler FR Hueb like Carrie loves collections from H. Stern. Cristina Abdala is the head of FR Hueb, and she has a wonderfully talented design staff. Their jewelry has a Bossa Nova vibe, featuring warm colors, oversize shapes, and curves and motifs reminiscent of tropical locales and diverse ethnicities. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.


This locket necklace is so beautiful! I must own this locket at some point in my life. It’s from the Heritage collection, and the font, pavé work, and stylized gold motifs surrounding the case make it feminine and unforgettable. The exterior is beautiful, and a lot simpler in design than the inside, which is a gorgeous surprise that you don’t expect to see.


These necklaces are from the Monogram collection. Again, the font is so pretty, and commands attention because the letters are large for the pieces.


These airy and elegant-looking earrings are from the Old Gold collection. These are simply stunning, and destined to command attention when worn by the right woman (preferably one with a long elegant neck and upswept hair). Perhaps Penélope Cruz on the Red Carpet?


Chandelier earrings from the Madrid collection are also airy and elegant. The perfect match for this pair: Jessica Alba in a chignon and white peasant blouse (maybe at a seaside tasca with friends, too).


Earrings from the Toujours collection feature a clever use of prong-set trillion-cut rubies. Their cascade effect is dramatic. A gold and diamond right-hand ring will compliment these beautifully.


Check out more styles at, or contact the company in São Paulo, Brazil, at 55(34) 3333 2466.