Get to Know Antonio Cardamuro of Miseno

Newer jewelry line, Miseno, is from Naples and celebrates the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea in gold.

Antonio Cardamuro is the designer and owner of Miseno

Headquarters: Naples, Italy

Year firm launched: 2007

Signature Style: “Our signature is the Sea Leaf motif. This design captures what Miseno is—a small town on the Gulf of Naples—in one motif: jewels of the Mediterranean, and inspired by the beauty of the surrounding area! Additionally, an arch that represents the Arco Felice (Arch of Happiness), located near the city, is the Miseno logo, as Romans believed that once one entered in this area, they were entering a place of happiness.”

Training, education, and design process: “I’m not exactly a schooled designer, but I began my career in jewelry in 1988 working for Bulgari, and then Buccellati. Working along these companies, is where I was inspired to create jewelry.

Today, I give designers ideas and sketches of what I want to create, and they translate my ideas on paper. I then stay with the manufacture to oversee the outcome of the design.

We try very hard to have our own identity on clasp and as well chains. For example, the Sea Horse collection we make all components ourselves. Our jewelry is cast and all finish by hand. Also, all the diamonds we use are individually checked under a light to make sure that they have no blue florescence. All the jewelry is made in Italy.”

Materials of choice: “I only use 18k white and yellow gold, with little rose gold. For gemstones, I use many variations of colors, but mostly aqua colors, to reflect the Mediterranean. I love aquamarines and peridot.”

Jewelry trade show exhibits: Couture

Accounts: “We have about 10 very exclusive accounts, including Neiman Marcus and D’amore Jewelers in Cliffside Park, N.J., as well as one on the island of Ischia, Italy.”

Starting retail price: $2,000 in 18k gold.

Retailer Buy-in: None to date