Get to Know Alexandre Corrot of Djula

Paris-based jewelry designer Alexandre Corrot of Djula favors delicate designs dusted with diamonds.

Alexandre Corrot of Djula

Alexandre Corrot of Djula

Headquarters: “Paris, France, but I have a New York City–based representative who can be reached at”

Year firm was founded: 1994

Signature style: “Djula designs are lightweight, delicate, diamond-intense, and inspired by vintage looks from the Roaring ’20s, the Art Deco period, and even the 1970s. Sensuality—jewelry as a second skin—is evident throughout the collection, as are motifs of lace and geometric patterns like triangles; the line takes fashion looks and applies bold, modern applications like blackened gold to them, creating an opposites attracts effect of both soft and strong, geometric and flowing. The collection’s bracelets and rings feature a feather?light, delicate lace pattern that sits so effortlessly on the skin that you’d swear it was body art.”

Training, education, and design process: “I don’t have any formal jewelry training, but I started designing jewelry in 1994, the same year I started my collection. At 18, I owned my first fashion jewelry store and learned the business from there, especially what customers loved. I started following trends and eventually increased the jewelry’s quality and pieces, adapting to the niche market of fine jewelry. In 1994, I switched from silver jewelry to 18k gold jewelry encrusted with diamonds, and launched Djula because I felt there was a demand in the market for fine jewelry—a sweet spot between high-end brands and costume jewelry. Djula is a jewelry line with sophisticated materials and luxurious features, but without a high-end price tag. Djula jewelry should be worn every day, not only on special occasions.

Our jewelry is made in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and India, and we manufacture and handcraft pieces, adding small details like extra jump rings for comfort and a one-size-fits-all effect. The name, Djula, is Hebrew for ‘marble set,’ but mainly it is the short-cut version of ‘jeweler’ or ‘jewelry’—and I loved the soft sound of it. And as a Jewish man, the Hebrew significance was important to me.”

Materials of choice: We work with 18k white, yellow, rose, and blackened gold, and with diamonds that are G color, SI clarity.

Accounts: “We have 14 including Cellini Jewelers in New York City, Silver Threads in Aspen, Colo., and The Vault in Miami Beach, Fla., as well as 40 in Europe, including a flagship store in Paris and Ponti Jewelers in Geneva.”

Jewelry trade show exhibits: Baselworld and JCK Las Vegas in 2014

Accolades: “At the 2009 Salon Eclat de Mode, I was recognized with a design award.”

Retailer buy-in: $25,000

Starting retail price: $180 in silver and $300 in 18k gold