Get Lost in the Cutting Edge, Covetable Creations From Supreme Jewelry

Supreme Jewelry brown diamond ring

Supreme Jewelry is one of those brands that constantly amazes me with every new creation it comes up with. The luxury jeweler is constantly on the cutting edge, putting a clear couture spin on its designs, while maintaining exquisite quality and craftsmanship.

Supreme Jewelry green amethyst drop earrings

Supreme Jewelry black rhodium diamond saddle ring

Supreme Jewelry rose gold diamond chandelier earrings

When I look at these pieces, I really get the feeling that the creator is not only well-versed in the art of jewelry making, but also has a wild imagination, loves everything about what they’re doing, and has a darn good sense of how to have fun.

SUpreme Jewelry diamond web cuff bracelet

Supreme Jewelry diamond drop earrings

That designer is Jirair Kiladjian, cofounder of Supreme Jewelry, who (thankfully for us) decided to start his own jewelry line after working in the industry abroad in such places as France, Canada, and his home country, Lebanon. Supreme Jewelry was officially born in 1989 and continues to impress, amaze, and grow.

Supreme Jewelry black diamond spider ring

Supreme Jewelry squared hoop diamond earrings

Supreme Jewelry tourmaline dream necklace

“Supreme Jewelry began in the jewelry industry over 30 years ago,” says Mardo Kiladjian, VP of sales and product development. “We’ve grown tremendously since then, and we believe it’s because of the beautifully unique look of our designs, the amazing quality, and our desire to go above and beyond for each client while continuously being inspired by women. Our design aesthetic is created to conform to a woman’s natural beauty, strength, and elegance, which is represented in every Supreme Jewelry design. The amazing response we get from celebrities that wear our jewelry, such as Teri Hatcher, Kristin Chenoweth, and Brooke Burke, is all just icing on the cake.”

SUpreme Jewelry pink diamond spiral earrings

Supreme Jewelry platinum diamond bracelet

Supreme Jewelry crescent spiral ring

Though a collection of famous faces are considered fans of Supreme Jewelry, and rightly so, one need not be a celebrity to be over the moon for its designs. I know plenty of regular, non-famous people who wouldn’t mind donning a few—or all—of these jewels. (Read that: Me! Me!) Magic, whimsy, prestige, innovation: All are things that come to mind as I glance (okay, covetously gaze, stare, gawk) at Supreme’s wares. Many of the designs are unexpected, with detail that you could get lost in for a long, long time. The gemstones are top-notch, glittering from their beautifully made homes in precious metals and sensational aesthetics. Aesthetics that your shoppers, especially self-purchasing women, I would think, will go gaga for.

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