Gemvara Unveils Two New Businesses Targeting Millennials

Gemvara, the online jewelry retailer, has launched two new businesses to cater to the millennial shopper: Gemma Gray and Stone Reset.

Gemma Gray is a line of “fine fashionable” jewelry inspired by New York City and made to order in less than a week with genuine gemstones and precious metals. Prices run from $45 for a sterling silver and aquamarine ring to $1,050 for a 14k rose gold and diamond bangle, though most prices seem to be in the $100–$200 range. “We have leveraged our breakthrough customization technology, zero inventory model, and manufacturing platform to dramatically change the game,” said Gemvara president and chief operating officer Jon Blotner. “With Gemma Gray we rapidly and continuously bring our New York City–inspired pieces to market using only genuine gemstones and real precious metals in fully customizable designs—all handcrafted at prices our customers love.”

Stone Reset is an online platform for consumers to design new settings for their stones before sending the piece to Gemvara to be reset. “Millennials often do not have the time, resources, or patience to take on the arduous task of creating a piece with a traditional local jeweler,” said Gemvara CEO Matt Nichols. “Gemvara simplifies jewelry resetting by enabling a customer to do it from the comfort of her home.”

Gemvara has long courted the millennial shopper, and both Blotner and Nichols shared their insights into millennial shoppers with JCK in May