Gemvara Apologizes for Email Snafu

Jewelry e-tailer Gemvara has apologized after an email glitch caused people on its mailing list to receive the same promotion as many as 165 times.

The problem occurred on Feb. 3, and customers took to Facebook and Twitter to complain about their overflowing in-boxes.

“I received literally over 100 emails from you this morning,” one person wrote on Facebook. Another tweeted: “143 emails from you… I’m sure your sale is great but really….” 

“It seems our email provider had some database connectivity issues,” wrote recently hired chief marketing officer Matt Marcus on the company’s blog. “It was reminiscent of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: Every time their database reconnected to the Internet it was forced to relive the all-too-recent past, repeatedly sending our email to our beloved customers’ inboxes over and over again.” 

“All we wanted to do was gently remind you that our best deal for the Valentine’s Day holiday would be ending soon,” he continued. “Instead, we threw a runaway email party that we hope didn’t inconvenience you too much.” 

In response, the site apologized and is offering customers 20 percent off all items through Feb. 4, what Marcus called its “best discount ever.”

Amid the mess, at least one customer was understanding. 

“I unsubscribed but honestly these things can happen,” she wrote on Facebook. “You guys have beautiful jewelry, so I will not hold this against you. Hope it doesn’t hurt your company too bad!”

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