Gemstone Tattoos Are All Over Instagram

I don’t remember where I originally saw the article that featured a list of artists specializing in tiny, cute tattoos, but I fell down the rabbit hole looking through them all. I like tattoos—especially the tiny cute ones!—and I’m always interested to see what the new “thing” is (because, like anything else, even the tattoo world has trends that ebb and flow).
My journey through all of the photos brought me to South Korea’s Sol Tattoo, specializing in the most adorable—but super-detailed—delicate ink. I’m infatuated with every little doodad. Dig further, and you’ll find one of the artists, who appears to have perfected the art of the permanent gemstone.


I’d like to refer to this person as the lapidary artist of tattoos—the detail of each facet, the beautiful coloring—it can’t have been easy to accomplish. Much like a person who works with actual gemstones as a living, you have to appreciate the obvious mastery of the craft.


So then I started wondering what else there was out there in terms of gemstone and diamond tattoos—surprise, surprise, there are a ton. Some amazing works of art, others, well, not so much. But so the story goes.

(Via @shannoneperry)

Tattoos are a deeply personal thing, so it’s anyone’s guess as to why someone would opt for a gemstone or diamond tattoo. Perhaps it’s an attraction to its beauty, an ode to a birthstone, or maybe, the industry is this person’s heart and soul. But whatever the reason, there is a wide array of styles, much like the way real gemstones are set in an endless assortment of jewelry designs. There also exists a wide range of artists, each imparting their signature style in ink—much like a jewelry designer would, in design—so if you’re thinking about declaring your passion for the job (or hobby) in a permanent way, you’ve got options. (Also, it’s fun to note that a lot of these artists seem to offer peel-and-stick tattoos, too, so you can have your fun without committing!)

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(Via @jennakerrtattoo)

I’m going to make the bold assumption that many of you reading this would instead opt for a less permanent option when it comes to sharing your love for gems and diamonds—like, wearing a ring that you can take off anytime you want. But it’s kind of cool to see people hold such a deep appreciation for a sacred element of the jewelry industry, so much so, that they make such a big commitment to it, whether or not they’re involved in the jewelry industry. It’s reaffirming to see that there is such a deep, permanent love for something that so many in our industry work so passionately for each and every day.

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