Gemprint Appears on CSI

Gemprint’s “diamond fingerprinting” technology helped crack a murder case on the Nov. 23 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the company said.

While the show never utters the technology’s name, Gemprint president Angelo Palmieri says he worked with the production team earlier this year, and the opening scene uses a Gemprint device set to debut in 2015.

The Road to Recovery episode begins when a young “Jane Doe” is found dead. Searching for clues for her identity, the crime scene investigators zero in on her 4 ct. rock, but one says it has no etchings.

“There are other ways to identify a diamond these days,” says the second. “[The refraction pattern] is unique to that stone, like a fingerprint. And it can be registered with an insurance database.” 

From there, they discover that the diamond was registered to someone in Utah. 

Palmieri says Gemprint has also been featured on Law and Order.

JCK News Director