GemEx Systems and EGL USA introduce combined grading report

GemEx Systems, Inc., Mequon, WI; and EGL USA, New York City, are now providing a combined diamond grading report to diamond customers.

“The GemEx/EGL USA Combined Report provides the answer that many of our customers have been requesting: one report with GemEx Light Performance and quality color and clarity grading,” says GemEx president and Founder, Randy Wagner.

The combined report will evaluate, identify and certify both the ‘4Cs’ of a diamond, provided by EGL USA, as well as its light performance.

The GemEx computerized BrillianceScope, which uses a patented spectrophotometer technology, measures a diamond’s level of brilliance, fire, and sparkle. It then rates the diamond from low to very high on each of these three measures compared to other diamonds of the same shape in GemEx’s database of over 630,000 diamonds.

The GemEx Light Performance section of this new report will record visual images of the diamond under six different lighting angles. The GemEx Light Performance Report demonstrates that two diamonds with similar ‘4C’ characteristics can differ significantly in brilliance, fire, and sparkle (scintillation), and therefore in beauty.

EGL USA’s portion—The Grading Report—will provide gemstone identification and professional certification of the diamond purchase. The report contains detailed information including extensive measurements, proportions, and other gemstone characteristics.

“It is only natural that this new standard of diamond evaluation is merged with the traditional standard provided by EGL USA,” Wagner says.

“The GemEx report is a great complement to our grading report because it is the most consumer friendly light return report in the industry,” adds Mark Gershburg, CEO of EGL USA. “It will stimulate interest in light performance among consumers and help them understand more about their specific diamonds. For the trade, it will mean one all-inclusive report and one invoice.”

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