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Gemelody’s Ahron Kavakeb Talks Fancy Color Diamonds


Fancy colored diamond supplier Gemelody has been in business for over three decades, but it’s only now that the company has ventured into fine jewelry.

With the debut of a new catalog of natural fancy color diamond jewels, Gemelody has entered the realm of finished fine jewelry.

More than 30 pages of products are featured in the catalog, the pieces in 18k yellow and white gold are pictured alone and modeled. The release comes at a time when fancy color stones appear to be rising in popularity—or at least, as they are the subject of much discussion, given certain celebrity engagements making recent news.

Gemelody circle necklace
Circle necklace in 18k white and yellow gold with fancy yellow and white diamonds, price on request

We had a few questions for Ahron Kavakeb, owner of Gemelody.

Have you noticed whether news of celebrity engagements has had any impact on demand for colored diamonds? 

News of celebrity purchase of fancy color diamonds usually raises interest but does not necessarily translate to higher demand. It usually takes time for the consumer to get educated on their likes and dislikes in fancy color diamonds.

Gemelody pink diamond bracelet
Bracelet in 18k white gold with fancy pink and white diamonds, price on request

Fancy color diamonds seem aspirational—unattainable, even—for a lot of consumers. Does this seem mostly accurate or are there options for shoppers on a relative budget?

Fancy color as unattainable is much more myth than reality.  Like all diamond categories, there are different ranges in fancy color diamonds. Merchandise that exists for everyday use, all the way to museum-quality diamonds and everywhere in between.

Gemelody oval stud earrings
Stud earrings in 18k white gold with fancy yellow and white diamonds, price on request

What color fancy diamond do you tend to sell the most of?

By far the most common and popular color in fancy color diamonds is yellow. Even though it is considered a broad range from fancy light yellow to fancy vivid yellow and some fringes. Yellow diamonds represent more than 50% of all fancy colors.

Are fancy color diamonds demanded more often in engagement rings or other categories of jewelry (like earrings, necklaces, etc.)?
Fancy colors have become much more commonplace, so it is not unusual at all to find them in any scenario, whether it is bridal or many fashion pieces.

Gemelody yellow white diamond earrings
Earrings in 18k yellow gold with fancy yellow and white diamonds, price on request

Do you have any big plans for JCK Las Vegas? Can you give us a preview of what attendees can expect from you at the show? 
We mailed our catalog to many retailers. It was a representation of what we do in jewelry. We will also be showing a significant presentation of fancy color diamonds.

Gemelody will appear at the upcoming Luxury by JCK show in Las Vegas from June 8 to 13.

Top: Ring in 18k white gold with fancy yellow oval diamond and round diamonds, price on request; Gemelody

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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