The Gem-Infused Water Dispenser Some Top Jewelry Retailers Are Using

A handful of the leading independent jewelry stores—including Mann’s Jewelers, Lux Bond & Green, London Jewelers, Van Gundy Jewelers, and Tapper’s—have added gem power to their drinking water.

The retailers all bought and use Gem-Water’s new Grande dispenser, a stand-alone dispenser that features the company’s proprietary gem vial that holds various gems purported to increase alkalinity and oxygenation in water they’re immersed in.

The dispenser holds 7 liters (2 gallons) of water and can suspend vials filled with any of Gem-Water’s 17 gemstone blends.

Gem-Water Grande Dispenser

Gem-Water Grande Dispenser, $364 (gem vial not included)

 We caught up with Anjanette Dienne Sinesio, the jewelry industry veteran and owner and founder of Gem-Water, to get the details on the supersize dispenser and how retailers are using it.

JCK: Tell me about how you discovered the VitaJuwel products, which you sell under the name Gem-Water. 

Anjanette Dienne Sinesio: The whole line was created by Ewald Eisen in Germany—and when I discovered the company and tested their VitaJuwel products, I fell so in love with them that I had to share their products with all of my jewelry and gem lovers.

Being in the industry for 22 years and wearing many different hats, I know how many of us serve water to our clients, so I thought how amazing this would be to turn the act of serving water into such a beautiful experience. So, I went to all my stores who I’ve worked with for so many years and they agreed!

What has been the response from retailers to the dispenser? What do they like about it?  

They love it! They can serve their clients water from a gorgeous dispenser that has a wand of gems floating in it that literally stops their customers in their tracks and [makes them] want to try it and ask questions about it.

[In a retail store] you hand someone a plastic bottle, and that’s it, the conversation ends there. But if you pour them a glass of water from this dispenser with beautiful gems in it, the conversation starts.

Retailers get to educate their clients because they want to know about it,  and it’s fun. It leads to easy incremental sales. Plus, [retailers] save a huge amount of money on plastic bottles, which we all know is terrible for the earth.

How do you think items/services like the Gem-Water dispenser elevate the shopping experience?

At the luxury level, handing out a cheap plastic bottle doesn’t feel so great. Inviting customers to drink water that has been transformed through the natural vibration of gems—now you’ve brought it to a whole other level.

Plus, a very, very cool thing I share with my stores when they have people who “doubt” that gems have a vibration and energy: I say to them, “think of a quartz watch.” And that story gives them another opportunity to share their knowledge about watches and also move onto other items in the store.

When customer find out about the Grande, does it lead to people wanting to buy it or the original mobile Gem-Water bottle?

Absolutely…. I can’t even count how many Grande dispensers Nancy Mann of Mann’s Jewelers has sold to her clients to put in their homes or offices. She was one of my first stores and has had continued success selling the big Grande.

Top: Gem-Water gem vial (all photos courtesy of Gem-Water)

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