GCAL to Hold Clarity, Light Demos at JA Show

Gem Certification & Assurance Lab will be conducting demonstrations for clarity and light performance in diamonds during the JA New York Summer Show. In addition, GCAL will test a new Electronic Diamond Grading Certificate that can serve as both sales trainer and what the company calls a “silent salesperson” at the retail counter to help jewelers increase margins and make faster sales.

Throughout the show, GCAL will hold alternating demonstrations on direct assessment light performance and key clarity grades at the GCAL booth in the Crystal Palace entrance to the show (Hall 3B) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. These demos will start at 8 a.m. on Sunday, and at 10 a.m. during the other show days, and will run every hour on the hour during the show.

The demos will feature two microscopes with cameras mounted on them, projecting images onto a screen. In the optical light performance demo, attendees will have a chance to see GCAL’s proprietary direct light assessment system in action on actual diamonds—demonstrating how the system measures and analyzes actual light return (brilliance) and optical symmetry.

In the clarity demo, GCAL will demonstrate the difference between the critical diamond clarity grades of SI2 and I1, as well as between VS2 and SI1. According to Don Palmieri, GCAL president, the transition between these key clarity grades can represent as much as a 30% difference in the value of a diamond.  

“We selected these two demos because they are the areas that people have shown the most interest in,” Palmieri said. “We want people to learn how they can increase their diamond business using our services. We are starting the demos before the show opens on the first day to allow exhibitors and New York diamond dealers to participate. Our booth is located right outside the main Crystal Palace entrance to the show, so they don’t even need a badge to come in, see our demos.”

GCAL also will introduce its new patent pending Electronic Certificate system at the JA Show. The system offers an online search function that can pull up any GCAL Diamond Certificate. It also features a touch screen LCD monitor that can be mounted in the store and will still function behind a glass display case. Each certificate in this proprietary online system is intuitive, as 19 quality “touch points” pull up additional information explaining specific sections of the certificate, including interpreting “4Cs” quality indicators and the meaning behind “conflict-free” diamonds.

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