GCAL and Motiganz Partner in Botswana

Motiganz, a DTC Sightholder, is working with Gem Certification & Assurance Lab to certify diamonds sourced, cut, and polished in Botswana are compliant with the Kimberley Process and with GCAL’s Source Veritas process of positively identifying and tracing polished diamonds through the use of Gemprint from the factory through the market, and beyond.

GCAL Certified Motiganz branded Botswana diamonds will be listed for purchase on Certified Diamond Exchange.

Botswana is one of the world’s most important diamond sources, creating a huge opportunity for the country’s growth through industry.

“Botswana is also one of the very few African democracies that actually works,” said Donald A. Palmieri, GCAL president. “This is why I am particularly happy to confirm with the written blessing and encouragement of Dr. Tombale, Minister of Mines and Diamond Hub Coordinator for Botswana, we will begin certifying ‘Made in Botswana’ diamonds in a co-branded certificate.”

“The end consumer is more and more concerned about being sure their diamonds are free of conflict,” added Orly Samid, Motiganz marketing director. “This is part of our obligation to them and to the industry. We want to enforce and to insure, and GCAL has the whole package necessary to implement such a project. Gemprint can track these stones from rough to end product, and GCAL certification also gives us a lot of added value. It makes perfect sense for us to partner with them.”

Day’s Jewelers, based in Maine, has already signed on to jumpstart the program by agreeing to sell GCAL Certified Botswana Diamonds.

“GCAL presented us with a real opportunity to use the wealth of natural resources in Botswana in the right way,” Day’s president Jeff Corey said. “Botswana could be the shining light for the whole continent, and it is very exciting. We are thrilled to be able to be part of the puzzle.”

“Our effort to give back to the people of Botswana is a personal mission for us,” said Moti Ganz, chief executive officer and chairman of the Motiganz Diamond Group. “Botswana is a great country and we’re honored to be getting even more involved in the community.”

“MotiGanz Diamond Group offers a world-class diamond manufacturing facility in Botswana. During my recent visit to this facility, MotiGanz began using the Gemprint® technology, a process for finding a diamond’s unique optical fingerprint to ensure consumers that the diamonds are actually from Botswana” said Howard Pomerantz, executive vice president, GCAL.

Top: Howard Pomerantz with Moti Dayan, general manager, MotiGanz Diamonds, Botswana.

Second photo: From Left, Donald Palmeri, President GCAL,  Dr. Akolantg Tombale, Botswana Diamond Hub corordinator, and Howard M. Pomerantz, executive VP, GCAL.

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