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Check Out the Rainbow of Garnets Bound for Tucson 2024


“Mention the word ‘garnet’ and most people think of an inexpensive red gem,” writes gemologist Richard Hughes in an introductory note to Terra Garnet, a 2014 coffee table book by Bangkok-based gem dealer Vladyslav Y. Yavorskyy that combines travelogue, gemological esoterica, and luscious color photography to acquaint readers with the wide world of garnets.

“In truth, while many garnets are red,” Hughes continues, “the family contains a cornucopia of colors that include sun-kissed oranges, emerald greens, and even color-changing chameleons that put many alexandrites to shame.”

Ain’t that the truth! If garnets were people, they’d be diagnosed with severe cases of multiple personalities. Between grass green demantoid garnets, bright orange mandarin garnets, electric pink Mahenge garnets, and dramatic color-change garnets in vibrant shades of pink and green, the selection you can expect to find in Tucson during the upcoming gem shows truly spans the rainbow.

Don’t believe us? Check out the stones highlighted below, all from dealers showing at the American Gem Trade Association GemFair at the Tucson Convention Center from Jan. 30 to Feb. 4. Note: Prices are quoted at retail.

B&B Fine Gems

Dave Bindra, vice president and head of acquisitions at B&B Fine Gems in Los Angeles, is unequivocal about his love of garnets—and his conviction that they are primed for mainstream appeal in 2024.

B&B 7.08-ct Tsavorite Garnet
7.08 ct. Tsavorite garnet, $124,000; B&B Fine Gems

“I see garnets really coming back in a big way!” Bindra told JCK in our 2024 predictions feature. “Malayas have been hot as of late and I think mandarin and tsavorite garnet alike will also have a lot of interest in 2024.”

B&B 8.44-ct Mahenge Garnet_Cushion
8.44 ct. Mahenge garnet, $20,000; B&B Fine Gems
Prosperity Earth

John Ferry, founder and CEO of Prosperity Earth, a vertically integrated demantoid garnet mining company in Madagascar, will show a selection of new demantoid and andradite garnets at the AGTA show.

Prosperity Earth 2.81-ct Demantoid
2.81 ct. radiant-cut demantoid garnet faceted by David Nassi, $25,992 ($9,250 per carat); Prosperity Earth (photo by Jeff Mason)

“As colored gemstones continue to have their day and gain more market share, I am most looking forward to meeting talented designers who appreciate color and are looking for something new, bold, and unique in demantoid.”

Prosperity Earth 1.63-ct Demantoid
1.63 ct cushion-cut demantoid garnet faceted by David Nassi, $10,513 ($6,450 per carat); Prosperity Earth (photo by Jeff Mason)

Note: On Friday, Feb, 2 at 10 a.m., Ferry will participate in an AGTA seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities in Responsible Gemstone Supply Chains,” alongside AGTA CEO John Ford, AGTA president Kim Collins, and Bridges Tsavorite president Bruce Bridges, among others.

Prosperity Earth 5.42-ct Andradite
5.42 ct. trillion-cut andradite garnet faceted by David Nassi, $25,745 ($4,750 per carat); Prosperity Earth (photo by Jeff Mason)
100% Natural Ltd.

At New York City–based 100% Natural Ltd., dealer and lapidary David Nassi specializes in unheated, untreated colored stones.

100% Natural 10.73-ct Pear Spessartite Garnet
10.73 ct. untreated Tanzanian pear-shape orange spessartite garnet, $53,650; 100% Natural Ltd.

His booth at AGTA will showcase sizable garnets from East Africa in varying colors, as well as demantoid garnets he’s cut from material mined by Prosperity Earth in Madagascar.

100% Natural 13.04-ct Cushion Tsavorite Garnet
13.04 ct. untreated cushion-cut tsavorite garnet, price on request; 100% Natural Ltd.

Top: 1.41 ct. untreated cushion-cut color-change garnet, $7,250; 100% Natural Ltd.

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By: Victoria Gomelsky

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