Game of Stones: Jewels That Should Be on HBO’s Hit Show

Are you also obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones? It’s a show that initially I never thought I’d get into, but I was reeled in rather quickly as a result of the sensational story lines, lovable characters (and perfectly loathsome ones, too), plus some serious eye candy (Jon Snow? Jaime Lannister? Swoon!). So it’s no surprise that I’ve been finding a Game of Thrones “style” in so many of the jewels I come across. It’s been around forever, that medieval, gothic, almost worn and rustic look. Claws, talons, dragons, weaponry—anything that comes to mind when you think of knights and kingdoms is what I’m in the mood for. It’s hard to say whether the popularity of the show is spurring more designs like this, or if they’re just getting more attention now—maybe it’s a bit of both. Whatever the reason, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite jewels that would fit in quite nicely on the epic small-screen show, in honor of Sunday’s season finale. If you have customers who are GOT fans, why not suggest they keep the thrill going until next year by donning jewels like these?



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