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Jewelry Brands Celebrate Galentine’s Day


With the National Retail Federation predicting “new spending records” on jewelry for Valentine’s Day, jewelry brands including Hello Adorn are going all-in on gifts for Galentine’s Day, the Feb. 14 alternative where women celebrate their friendships.

Wisconsin-based Hello Adorn recently released a Valentine’s Day collection that includes jewelry for the self-purchasing woman and friendship presents as well as romantic gifting. Brand founder and owner Jess Gardner says she wanted to offer these sentimental pieces so people coule celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status.

“Friendship in itself is a gift, and it’s really special when you can celebrate a bond like that with something as personal and as meaningful as jewelry,” Gardner says.

Adorn Lovers Charms
The Hello Adorn Lover charms ($46 per pair) are puffy hearts that can go on hoop earrings, which you could wear without the charms as your relationship status changes.

The National Retail Federation expects total spending for Valentine’s Day gift-giving to reach a record $14.2 billion, with an estimated $6.4 billion spent on jewelry.

Jewelers have been adding Galentine’s Day events and promotions, and 2024 feels like one of the biggest years to date for the “holiday.” Michigan-based Rebel Nell is hosting a ticketed event with tarot readings, permanent bracelets, and a “Booze and Brunch Bar.” Your Personal Jeweler, another Michigan retailer, is also selling tickets for a Galentine’s event, which will feature a donut extravaganza and a bouquet bar where friends and lovers can make floral arrangements.

At Hello Adorn, Gardner touts the company’s Friendship collection for customers who may not have a date for Feb. 14 but want to shower gifts on people they love. Pieces includes the whimsical Introvert/Extrovert and High Maintenance/Low Maintenance bracelets, letting each person in the friendship show their true personalities.

Adorn Birdie necklace
Suitable for Galentine’s Day, Hello Adorn’s Birdie necklace ($50) can hold the initial of your best friend or someone else you love.

Gardner spoke to JCK about the Friendship collection and what else her brand is up to this Galentine’s Day.

Why should celebrate friendship with jewelry?

The only thing as beautiful as long-lasting friendships is long-lasting jewelry! Jewelry is, at least in my personal opinion, fairly intimate and sentimental by nature. It’s not something that’s chosen or gifted lightly. It’s designed to be worn as an outward expression of love and commitment, or of personal style, both of which are very important to the person wearing it.

What are some fun products you have for Galentine’s Day gifting?

We have an entire collection of bracelets dedicated to celebrating the sometimes identical and sometimes complete opposite characteristics we share with our friends. Sometimes best friends are both “wild and free” or “hot and bothered,” and sometimes you’re a duo [with a] “high-maintenance/low-maintenance” or “hot mess/neat freak” dynamic. But when it works, it works. We love celebrating the similarities and the differences that make our relationships unique.

How do you recommend clients pick out a piece of jewelry for a friend?

Jewelry is an outward expression of love and personal style. Choose something that feels meaningful to your relationship, and keep in mind your friend’s personality. Pay attention to the metals they prefer, and the style of pieces they wear. No one wants to leave a beautiful, thoughtful gift in a drawer because it doesn’t fit their personal style. I once received a beautiful handbag from my mother-in-law, but it was black—I’m one of those rare people who just doesn’t wear black—I know, it’s odd. She said, “I only see you wearing tan leather, so I thought you could use a black one.” I felt terrible never using it, but I wore only tan leather because that was my preference.

So if you love gold but your friend wears silver, stick to silver. If they have a minimalist aesthetic, choose something more dainty. If you’re unsure of their ring size or how close to their neck they like to wear necklaces, choose earrings. If it’s gifted from the heart with thoughtful intention, as all jewelry should be, it will be received with love and gratitude and will be cherished for years to come.

Top: Hello Adorn’s Be Mine ring ($44) is something you could buy for a friend on Galentine’s Day or a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day—or for yourself. (Photos courtesy of Hello Adorn)

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