Fun and Easy Gifting Before and After the Holidays With Charm America

Charm America Love Letter charmOne of the most sentimental, personable, and certainly fun gifts that can be given, in my opinion, is a new addition to one’s charm bracelet. I’ve never had one myself, but I’ve often dreamed about owning a collection of charms from around the world to chronicle my travels as I do with my photos. It’s a conversation starter, a trip down memory lane, and, when curated carefully, an exquisite display of jewels. As with fashion, charms can be mixed and matched: high and low price points, silver and gold, diamonds and enamel. It’s a true testament to one’s own personality, experiences, and interests, that are literally worn on the sleeve. That’s why I was very excited to hear about some of the most whimsical new arrivals from Charm America.

Charm America Let It Snow charm

Charm America birds on a branch charm

The Made in America company has been doing its thing since 1979, creating pieces for every occasion, from tiny celebrations to major holidays (its collection of Christmas charms is beyond fun), and things that make us love everyday life. Charm America deals in wholesale and e-commerce, just releasing its newly designed website, and along with it, an expansive collection of new looks.

Charm America diamond-inspired ringCharm America two-tone arrow necklace

And while there is obviously no shortage of charms (what would the name be without them?), a selection of pendants, rings, and earrings is also available, created with such whimsy that anyone would feel young and free just wearing it. A cage-like diamond-shape ring, a pair of owl earrings, and a two-tone arrow pendant are among my favorites.

Charm America 'love' stud earrings

Charm America CZ snake charm


“This past year has been a transformation for us,” says Aris Andreasian, marketing administrator for Charm America. “We recently launched our new and improved website, which includes a wide variety of our collection, and we have also begun to revamp Charm America’s designs. We have introduced newer, simpler, and more modern designs to go alongside our timeless classic pieces.”

Charm America Giraffes in Love charm

Charm America puzzle piece pendant

The playful pieces are perfect for any time of year, but with the holidays close at hand, they really shine as an easy, affordable gift choice. Most pieces retail from $25 to $100, making it perfect for stocking stuffers, the finishing touch to a perfect holiday, or gifts for good friends. The price points also make it possible to grab a handful all at once and start a charm bracelet tradition for someone special, so that each year will always bring something new for the collection.

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