From the Wrists of Babes: Creating a New Generation of Bracelet Lovers

A new phenomenon has caught the fancy of young consumers around the country – colorful silicone bracelets called SillyBandz. Worn in multiples (and multiples upon multiples), they are a marvelous opportunity for creativity in personal adornment.

With cheap metal jewelry being suspect for the inclusion of lead and other metals dangerous to children, it is wonderful to see an inexpensive and very fun substitute available that has captured the imagination of the young set.  New York magazine describes SillyBandz as “stretchable, tradeable, highly misplaceable silicone bracelets.” (Gotta love that “highly misplaceable” descriptor – preparation for future years of misplacing sunglasses and cell phones, perhaps?)

These bracelets are a far cry from the colored rubber bracelets worn by adults to signify support for various causes, a variation of the ribbon on a lapel. These are available in an extensive and evolving collection of interesting shapes, like the word “rock” seen in the bracelets pictured in New York magazine, shown above, and in a “princess pack” that includes designs of tiaras and diamond rings, shown below.

The manufacturer recently added SillyBandz Necklaces to the product line, colored silicone necklaces on which to display SillyBandz bracelets like so many charms (a current trend I discussed in my last post).

Does anyone think that young fashionistas enjoying their SillyBandz, like the anonymous young woman whose photo, below, appears in the web site’s photo gallery, will be anything but jewelry lovers in years to come?

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