Friday Diamond News Roundup

This is my opinionated and idiosyncratic round-up of the most interesting diamond news and commentary from around the web. This will likely be a regular feature of this blog, every Friday:

Polished diamond prices are rising, and will likely continue to, although mostly in three carat and up stones, Ken Gassman says.

– Science marches on: White diamonds can be turned red. Is there really demand for a lot more red diamonds?

– Chaim on the “Elphick Factor” – the case of a former Oppenheimer confidant now running his own mining company, and why that keeps Nicky Oppenheimer “up at night.” (Chaim estimates De Beers’ share of the market at close to 35%. Crazy!)

Diamonds in Minnesota? (Via Rapaport)

Leaders sign Ivory Coast peace deal. Not that I’m an expert on Ivory Coast politics or anything, but if this holds, my understanding is it would mean virtually no conflict diamonds in circulation. Of course, the industry should not be complacent, but this would be great to hear if true.

Jayam decision ticks off Charles Wyndham (who, it should be noted, advised the defense). Definitely one of his most impassioned pieces. And that point about the Ombudsman is hard to argue with.

– Are diamond brands working in India? A local newspaper investigates.

Alrosa won’t appeal EC prohibition of De Beers deal, and may go public. So what does that mean for this?

De Beers may take Venetia underground.

Nicky Oppenheimer lands at 158 on the Forbes’ richest list. Maybe if Nicky Oppenheimer really is kept up at night about Elphick, this can put his mind at ease.

This editorial on Mandela and “Blood Diamond” is pretty good, though saying Kimberley “is not working well” waaay overstates the case. But the central point is excellent. Wear those shorts with pride, my man!

Feel free to leave comments about any of the above, and in the words of Chaim Even-Zohar, “Have a nice weekend.”

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