Friday 5: What Sparkled the Most This Week on Pinterest

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Pinterest. When I first started here with JCK, it was the social platform to spend your time on, and many of us can attest to losing hours scrolling and pinning away on the site. In the last four years we’ve seen new marvels pop up—Instagram being a favorite most of us can’t get enough of—but I still strongly believe in the merits and relevance of Pinterest, particularly for businesses. Its Rich Pins feature allows everything from recipes to articles and products to display extra information, so cooking, learning, and—most importantly in our case—shopping, have never been easier. I hope you’ll join me in some Pinterest spring cleaning, creating new boards and shuffling around favorite old pins, diving into new trends and celebrating beloved brands. To give you some Pin-spiration, here are the top 5 pins followers to JCK Marketplace were loving this week.

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